Five Common Data Visualization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Giant leaps in science and technology over the decades have had a major impact.
Vinyl records, grainy movies, and low resolution video have long been consigned
to history, pushed out by HD content on tiny handheld devices wherever and
whenever we want it. More and more we expect everything to be bright, colorful,
and above all, instant.

So it is with information technology with high resolution monitors, projectors,
and handheld displays making it far easier to access and consume the data
needed in our working lives. More than that, Business Intelligence applications,
such as TIBCO Spotfire®, are becoming increasingly adept at displaying data in
new, visually compelling and immediate ways, a triumph over plain text and tables.
Software that analyzes and visualizes data is fast becoming the norm. These
tools produce great visuals on demand and make it far easier to spot potential
problems and capitalize on trends that might otherwise be missed. But, great
visuals aren’t always what you end up with. Human error, impossible deadlines,
and a lack of understanding about what makes a great visual can stand in the way.
You can’t always prevent human error or impossible deadlines, but with the aid
of this ebook, you can add to your data visualization knowledge by understanding
five of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.


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